Community Center

Our Community Center is a gathering space for citizens to meet, spend time together, share a coffee, play card games and/or debate local politics. No matter what the reason, this center provides a perfect meeting spot for residents of all ages.

The center is available for use by Sumpter community organizations at no charge. If your organization wants to reserve it, a representative from your group must submit a signed application and work with the city recorder to get your event on the schedule. Applications are available at City Hall.

The center is also available for private events such as weddings, for a fee. Each private event requires a $100.00 cleaning deposit, along with the following fees:

Use of the center, with the kitchen:          $50.00/hour

Use of the center, without the kitchen:     $25.00/hour

Use of the center for a day (up to 12 hr):  $500.00 (with or without the kitchen)

When using the center for private events a signed application is required, available at City Hall. The cleaning deposit is paid when you reserve/schedule the center. Partial payment of fees may be required as well. 


Community Center

Schoolhouse Community Center